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16 May 2024

Security Policy

The policy has been updated to reflect the updated link to the UNDP Security Service Delivery Model in para. 15 (page 7), para. 114 (page 20) and in the list of references (page 23). 

09 May 2024

Risk Management

The Managing Risks Across UNDP Programming and Operations: Guidance Note was updated to include:

  • the new digital risk assessment tools
  • links to the project and programme risk dashboards to support high risks monitoring including mitigation measures
  • portfolio level risk management

07 May 2024

Solicitation Process

The Performance Security Form is now available in Spanish

07 May 2024

Risk Management

Following the introduction of the new Portfolio Policy, the Visual Guide: Enterprise Risk Management has been updated to reflect portfolio level risk management process and escalation. 

02 May 2024

Entitlements upon Separation

The Entitlements upon Separation policy is slightly revised to update the process for requesting an advance against separation payments.