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About the Portal

UNDP's Programme and Operations Policies and Procedures portal is accessible to UNDP and external users. It offers a modern user interface, improved searchability, multilingual capabilities. And much more. Below is an overview of how to get the most out of the new features the portal has to offer.

How to access UNDP Policies and Procedures portal?

UNDP Policies and Procedures portal is accessible to all users through and through UNDP’s website

UNDP users can also access the portal through the UNDP intranet. UNDP users should log-in to the portal using their UNDP credentials to access additional functionalities including personalization features, policy alerts when there is a policy update, and to pin relevant policies.

New design with improved navigation 

The new navigation experience presents you with a complete picture of what is available on the new portal. The top navigation bar allows you to simply access the content you are looking for, including Policy Areas, What's New, Index and Glossary, and learn About the Portal wherever you are on the site.

The portal footer provides you with quick links to the About the Portal, Contact Us and Terms of Use pages for additional support and to UNDP’s social media platforms.

Enhanced presentation of policy categories

You can easily and quickly access the ten policy areas from the homepage and navigation bar. Each is divided into chapters and subchapters that connect you to the specific policy page you need.


The policy pages provide detailed information about the policy, including its effective and planned review dates, version number, policy focal point and the latest policy updates. Additionally, you can access the policy document, relevant regulations and rules, and the procedures related to the specific policy by viewing these on screen or downloading them to your local device. 


New ways of searching across the portal 

New search capabilities have been added to the portal to deliver you a comprehensive search function with various filter options so that you can more efficiently find the information you are looking for.

A robust and intuitive portal search bar, accessible across the portal, provides you with predictive text capabilities so you can quickly find the information you need. This means the search results will provide a list of related policies and content when you type in the word or policy you are searching for.


It also offers you the possibility to search for two or more similar concepts to find results and/or exclude keywords for a more focused search, saving you time and effort. For example, if you are searching for information on "privacy" and "security", you can choose the "exact match" filter to find a specific policy or select "all words (AND)" or "any word (OR)" to get results containing both concepts across the entire site. 

You can also narrow search results further by using multiple filters such as effective date, alphabetical order, and relevance, as well as by policy area, chapter, sub-chapter or content type.

New glossary and index sections

Improved filter options are available through the dedicated Glossary and Index sections. The Glossary page contains important terms related to UNDP policies that will be regularly updated. The Index section provides you with quick access to over 280 policy pages.  Both the glossary and index are arranged alphabetically and have filtering options to simplify your search.

Access the glossary and index pages through the navigation bar or scroll down to the additional resources section on the homepage. 

Stay updated with the latest policy modifications

The "What's New" section on the portal homepage gives you an overview of new or updated policies and announcements. Current and past announcements are also available under the "See All" button, where you can filter and sort by selecting a policy page or area, published date or alphabetically.

Support with accessing or using the portal

If you have any issues accessing the portal or have any questions related to UNDP's policies, procedures, rules, or guidelines, please go to the "Contact Us" link on the footer and submit your query directly through