Policy Areas

Job Evaluation​ & Mobility and Hardship & Overtime Compensation & Pensionable Remuneration & Salary Advance & Settling-In Grant & Interim Roster Rules of Procedure & Mobility & Temporary Appointment & Adoption Leave & Annual Leave & Family Leave & Maternity Leave & Paternity Leave & Sick Leave & Special Leave & After-Service Health Insurance: ASHI MIP & After-Service Health Insurance: ASHI UN & Dental Insurance: UN NY Cigna Dental Plan & Compensation for Death, Injury or Illness – Appendix D & Eligibility for International Benefits and Entitlements and Determination of Official UN Nationality & Group Life Insurance Plan (GLIP) & Medical Insurance: Medical Insurance Plan (MIP) & Medical Insurance: UN NY Aetna Medical Insurance & Medical insurance: UN NY Empire Blue Cross PPO Medical Insurance & Medical Insurance: UN NY HIP Health Plan & Medical Insurance : UN Worldwide Medical Insurance Plan & Chartered Medical Evacuation Travel (CMET) & Home Leave & Family Visit & Medical Evacuation Travel (MET) & Mandatory Age of Separation & Fellowship & International Personnel Services Agreement & Internship & National Personnel Services Agreement & Non-Reimbursable Loan Agreements & Migrated : 09-01-2023 - Human Resources Management

Effective Date

Jan 09, 2023

Summary of Changes
The following policies and procedures have been updated to reflect UNDP's transition to its new cloud-based management platform Quantum in January 2023, replacing its previous ATLAS system. Classification of Posts Job Evaluation (procedures updated) Salaries and Related AllowancesMobility and Hardship (procedures updated)Overtime Compensation (policy updated)Pensionable Remuneration (procedures updated)Salary Advance (policy and procedures updated)Settling-in Grant (policy updated) Appointment and Promotion Interim Roster Rules of Procedure (policy updated)Mobility (procedures updated)Temporary Appointment Annual and Special LeaveAdoption Leave (procedures updated)Annual Leave (policy and procedures updated)Family Leave (policy updated)Maternity Leave (procedures updated)Paternity Leave ( procedures updated)Sick Leave (policy and procedures updated)Special Leave (policy updated) Social Security After-Service Health Insurance (ASHI MIP) (procedures updated)After-Service Health Insuranc (ASHI UN) (procedures updated)Dental Insurance_UN NY Cigna Dental Plan (procedures updated)Compensation for Death, Injury or Illness – Appendix D (procedures updated)Eligibility for International Benefits and Entitlements and Determination of Official UN Nationality (procedures updated)Group Life Insurance Plan (GLIP) (procedures updated)Medical Insurance: Medical Insurance Plan (MIP) (procedures updated)Medical Insurance UN NY Aetna Medical Insurance (procedures updated)Medical insurance UN NY Empire Blue Cross PPO Medical Insurance (procedures updated)Medical Insurance UN NY HIP Health Plan (procedures updated)Medical Insurance : UN Worldwide Medical Insurance Plan (procedures updated) Travel and Removal Expenses Chartered Medical Evacuation Travel (CMET) (procedures updated)Home leave (procedures updated)Family Visit (procedures updated)Medical Evacuation Travel (procedures updated) Separation from Services Mandatory age of separation (procedures updated) Non-Staff Fellowship (procedures updated)International Personnel Services Agreement (policy updated)Internship (procedures updated)National Personnel Services Agreement (policy updated)Non-Reimbursable Loan Agreement (procedures updated)Service Contract (policy updated)