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Programme and Operations Policies and Procedures

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Service Contracts
1.0 Relevant Regulations and Rules
UN Status Basic Rights and Duties of non UN Sec. Officials and Experts (ST/SGB/2002/9)
2.0 Policies
Main Policy
Service Contracts
 Related Policies
Handbook on Setting Remuneration for Service Contract Personnel
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James Hanneman
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Summary of Changes/Comments
January 9, 2023 - The policy has been updated to reflect UNDP's transition to its new cloud-based management platform Quantum in January 2023, replacing its previous ATLAS system.

December 03, 2021 - The Service Contracts policy is now available in French. To access the document, click on the French language tab.

December 22, 2020 - The Service Contracts policy is now available in Spanish. To access the document, click on the Spanish language tab.

July 1, 2018 - The following changes are reflected in the Service Contracts policy: 

-   Streamlining action to extend the waiver validity period from 12 to 24 months for the payment of the 8.33% in lieu of Pension. Extension of the lumpsum arrangement is now delegated to the Regional Bureau.

-  Alignment of competitive selection for SCs and ability of COs to establish Service Contract Rosters for all levels of SCs and how to create and maintain rosters for SC positions (Annex VII).

-  Reduction of the minimum number of required candidates for interview/assessment from three (3) to two (2) to ensure a competitive and transparent process.

-  Allowing the lateral transfer of SCs from one project to another with similar functions.

- Removing the obligation of biennial medical examination for SC holders, exception made of those with security, driving or manual work functions.

-  Streamlining to allow Service Contracts to be initially issued for periods of less than six months in the exceptional situations listed in the SC User Guide upon approval of the Resident Representative, instead of the HR Business Partner.