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Programme and Operations Policies and Procedures

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Organizational Unit Restructuring

2.0 Policies
Main Policy
Organizational Unit Restructuring

The Organizational Unit Restructuring processes are presented through the following flowcharts:

Flowchart of the Organizational Unit Restructuring Policy

Flowchart of Stage One of Position Confirmation and Placement Process (PCCP) - Position Confirmation

Flowchart of Stage One of Position Confirmation and Placement Process (PCCP) - Position Placement

Flowchart of Competitive Selection Exercise

Toolkit - Organizational Unit Restructuring Policy

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James Hanneman
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September 29, 2022 - The Organizational Unit Restructuring Policy sets out UNDP’s human resources policy governing the restructuring of organizational units, including special placement of staff and selection measures. The Organizational Restructuring policy establishes one single policy to manage the restructuring which:
  • Establishes clear roles, responsibilities and accountability for restructures of units organization-wide;
  • Provides a clear and simple process easily understood by different stakeholders;
  • Establishes a process agile enough to be effective in different organizational contexts (HQ and field);
  • Streamlines and increases flexibility in the restructuring process;
  • Ensures consistency, transparency, efficiency and fairness;
  • Significantly increases the speed of restructuring;
  • Provides safeguards for staff affected by restructuring and facilitates placement and selection of staff into new positions;
  • Ensures the restructuring process is aligned with, and leverages the benefits of, other related new processes such as mobility, talent reviews, and rank-in-post plus.