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Protection against Retaliation
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Staff Rule 1.2 (c)
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Protection Against Retaliation Policy
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Main Procedures

Protection against Retaliation

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December 10, 2021 - The UNDP Policy For Protection Against Retaliation (PaR) has been updated to, inter alia, include provisions for the prevention of retaliation in applicable cases, which shall involve coordination between the Office of Audit and Investigations (OAI) and the Ethics Office. The policy has further been revised to expressly stipulate that all retaliation complainants (staff members and non-staff member personnel) are entitled to request independent review of any UNDP Ethics Office PaR determination by the Chairperson of the Ethics Panel of the United Nations (EPUN).

October 14, 2019 - The Protection Against Retaliation policy is now available in Portuguese and Arabic.

May 11, 2018 - The updated Protection Against Retaliation policy is in line with the latest Secretariat guidelines ST/SGB/2017/2/Rev1 and includes: protection of individuals who choose to report wrongdoing to an external entity in limited circumstances; reducing the turnaround time for Ethics to complete the preliminary review stage (from 45 to 30 days); changing the definition of retaliation so that it aligns with the most recent SGB; the option of recommending transfer of the alleged retaliator; and explicitly prohibiting retaliation against outside parties. Additionally, UNDP introduced the possibility of interim protective measures during the preliminary review stage.

May 11, 2018 - The Protect against Retaliation policy is available in French and Spanish. To access the documents, click on the French and Spanish language tabs.

2015 - Procedures added. (No text change in the policy document.)

July 2012 - This policy was expanded to include protection for non-staff personnel such as contractors, interns and UNVs serving in UNDP or another UNDP administered fund, programme or agency.​