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Programme and Operations Policies and Procedures

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Non-Reimbursable Loan Agreements
1.0 Relevant Regulations and Rules
UN Staff Rules and Regulations
United Nations Staff Rule 1.3, 3.3 (a) 
United Nations Staff Regulation 9.3 (ii)

2.0 Policies
Main Policy
Non-Reimbursable Loan Agreements
3.0 Procedures
Main Procedures

Non-Reimbursable Loan Agreements

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James Hanneman
Effective Date
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Summary of Changes/Comments
December 31, 2020 - The Non-Reimbursable Loan Agreements policy is now available in Spanish. To access the document, click on the Spanish language tab.

January 25, 2018 - The Non-Reimbursable Loan Agreements policy content has been reviewed, and the main changes are the introduction of a two-year limit for the first loan and the completion of mandatory training.