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Programme and Operations Policies and Procedures

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POPP>Administrative Services>Lease Management (Premises and Equipment)>Acquisition, Renewal and Termination of Premise Leases
Acquisition, Renewal and Termination of Premise Leases
1.0 Relevant Regulations and Rules
UNDP Rules and Regulations

Financial Regulation 16.02 and Financial Rule 116.02.

IPSAS - 2012 Handbook of International Public Sector Accounting Pronouncement

2.0 Policies
Main Policy
Acquisition, Renewal and Termination of Premise Leases
 Related Policies
Internal Control Framework
The ICF Operational Guide supplements this policy.

Leasehold Improvements (Acquisition and Maintenance)
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George Peradze
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Summary of Changes/Comments
February 05, 2021 - The Acquisition Renewal and Termination of Premise Leases policy is now available in Spanish. To access the document, click on the Spanish language tab.

February 14, 2020 - The UNDP Service Request Form User Guide is now available in the POPP templates library (POPP 11-3143) and linked in clause 5 of the policy.

February 07, 2020 - Two terms changed throughout the policy: GSSU replaced GSSC, while DMS changed to UNDP Service Request Portal.

November 05, 2019 - The deleted Paragraph 6 allows for all premises cases to be presented to General Operations for review and approval, so that UNDP can partner with UN agencies to determine areas of common interest including shared services/offices.

July 25, 2016 - Reviewed and reference to the Premise Review Committee removed, as per audit observation.