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Programme and Operations Policies and Procedures

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POPP>Financial Resources Management>Pipeline and Revenue Management>Memorandum for Provision of Services (formerly Management Service Agreements)
Memorandum for Provision of Services (formerly Management Service Agreements)
1.0 Relevant Regulations and Rules
UNDP Financial Regulations and Rules (2012)
Financial Rule 118.08 a - c
Financial Regulation 9.03, Rule 109.02, Financial Regulation 15.01, Rule 115.01 - Financial Regulation 15.01, Rule 115.02- Financial Regulation 15.01, Financial Regulation 21.01.
2.0 Policies
Main Policy
Management for the Provision of Services (MPS)
3.0 Procedures
Main Procedures

Signing a Memorandum for Provision of Services (MPS) agreement

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George Kyriacou,Sikander Thapa
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Summary of Changes/Comments
10/18/2019 - The MPS French template is now available in French.

12/12/2017- The new policy enables UNDP to provide management and support services that contribute to a programme government's results upon the agreement of the programme government. This modality cannot be used to deliver development results that UNDP is accountable to achieve under UNDP's programme.

The MPS replaces the 2007 Management Service Agreement (MSA), where UNOPS was designated as a service provider.

01/06/2017- It is expected that the new policy on Memorandum of Provision of Services (MPS) will be uploaded soon to replace the Management Service Agreement (as of April 2017). Meanwhile, the pilot MPS template is attached under 3.0 "Procedures"