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Programme and Operations Policies and Procedures

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1 Acquisition and Maintenance
2 Acquisition and Maintenance
3 Engagement Facility
4 ​Post Travel
5 Abandonment of Post
6 Absence Management Guidelines
7 Accounts Payable
8 Accounts Receivable
9 Acquisition and Maintenance
10 Acquisition, Renewal and Termination of Premise Leases
11 Adoption Leave
12 After-Service Health Insurance: ASHI MIP
13 After-Service Health Insurance: ASHI UN
14 Agency Implementation Finances
15 Amortizations, Reconciliations, Reports and Centralized Functions
16 Annual Leave
17 Annual Planning
18 Appraise and Approve
19 Atlas User Access Standards
20 Attribution of DPC through a Stand-Alone DPC Project
21 Authorizing Official Business Travel
22 Bank Account Reconciliation
23 Bring Your Own Device and Acceptable Usage of ICT Resources
24 Business Continuity Managment
25 Certified Donor Reports
26 Change Control and Release Management Standards
27 Chartered Medical Evacuation Travel (CMET)
28 Clearing a Local Presence
29 Close and Transition
30 Closing
31 Closing a Local Office
32 Combined Delivery Report
33 Commercial Aviation Risk Management
34 Common Services Project Management
35 Completion and Transition
36 Contract Management
37 Core Contributions
38 Corporate Purchasing Card
39 Cost Recovery from Other Resources - GMS
40 Country Co-Financing Cost Sharing (Fund 11888) and Non-Earmarked Programme Cost Sharing (Fund 30083)
41 Creating and Approving Vendors
42 Crisis Assessment and Coordination Resources
43 Currency of Payments
44 Daily Subsistence Allowance (DSA)
45 Death
46 Deductions and Contributions
47 Deliver Results
48 Dental Insurance: UN NY Cigna Dental Plan
49 Dependency Allowance
50 Depreciation, Reconciliations Reports and Centralized Functions
51 Developing a Business Case for Local Presence
52 Development Services
53 Direct Cash Transfers and Reimbursements
54 Direct Payments
55 Disbursing Funds (Making Payments)
56 Disposal and Write-Off (Leasehold Improvements)
57 Electronic Funds Transfer Standards
58 Elements of Remuneration
59 Eligibility for International Benefits and Entitlements and Determination of Official UN Nationality
60 Engagement Facility
61 Engagement with NGOs under Country Based Pooled Funds
62 Engaging CSO/NGO as a Responsible Party
63 Entitlements upon Separation
64 Equipment
65 Establishment and Use of Electronic Banking Systems
66 eTendering
67 Ethics and Fraud
68 Euro Reporting
69 Evaluation
70 Evaluation of Offers
71 Executive Board Papers
72 Expenditure of Income Accrued from Cost Recovery
73 Experience and Academic Qualifications
74 Expiration of Fixed-term Appointment
75 Extended Monthly Evacuation Allowance (EMEA)
76 Family Leave
77 Family Relationships
78 Family Visit
79 Financial Accountability and Internal Controls
80 Financial Closure of Development Projects
81 Financial Closure of Trust Funds
82 Financial Disclosure
83 Financial Statements
84 Flexible Working Arrangements
85 Formulate Programmes and Projects
86 Framework of Accountability for Security
87 General Considerations of Contracting
88 Global and Regional Programmming
89 Global and Regional Publications
90 GMS Fee Set-up and Collection
91 Government Contribution to Local Office Costs (GLOC)
92 Government Local Office Cost (GLOC) Valuation of the In-Kind Contribution
93 Guidelines for Using the Results of the Workload Survey for the Implementation of DPC
94 Handling of Cash and Receipts
95 Handling of Cash and Receipts Treasury
96 Handling of Procurement Complaints
97 Harassment, Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, and Abuse of Authority
98 Harmonized Approach to Cash Transfers (HACT)
99 Health
100 Home Leave
101 Hospitality Expense
102 Hours of Work
103 ICT Disaster Recovery Standards for UNDP Offices
104 Implementing a Programme
105 Implementing a Project
106 Individual Contract
107 Information Security Policy
108 Initiating
109 Innovation Challenge
110 Inoculations and Malaria Prevention
111 Integrated Work Plan (IWP)
112 Interim Change Management Measures
113 Interim Roster Rules of Procedure
114 Internal Control Framework
115 Internship
116 Inventory Management
117 Issuing Letters of Credit
118 Job Evaluation​
119 Justifying
120 Knowledge Product Production and Quality Assurance
121 Language Allowance
122 Legal Framework
123 Legal Framework for Addressing Non Compliance with UN Standards of Conduct
124 Life and Accidental Insurance: Aetna Group Life Insurance Plan
125 Long Term Agreements
126 Maintenance and Usage of Chart of Accounts
127 Making Information Available to the Public
128 Malicious Acts Insurance Policy (MAIP)
129 Manage Change
130 Management of Zero-Balance Account System
131 Management of Cash in Crisis or Emergency Situations
132 Management of Cash Planning/Forecasting of Cash Flows
133 Management of Local Investments
134 Management of Petty Cash
135 Managing Partnerships
136 Managing Prescriptive Content (POPP)
137 Mandatory Age of Separation
138 Maternity Leave
139 Medical Clearance
140 Medical Evacuation Travel (MET)
141 Medical Insurance: Medical Insurance Plan (MIP)
142 Medical Insurance: UN NY Aetna Medical Insurance
143 Medical insurance: UN NY Empire Blue Cross PPO Medical Insurance
144 Medical Insurance: UN NY HIP Health Plan
145 Medical Insurance: UN Vanbreda Worldwide Medical Insurance Plan
146 Memorandum for Provision of Services (formerly Management Service Agreements)
147 Minimum Standards for ICT Infrastructure and Telecommunications
148 Mobility and Hardship
149 Monitor
150 Monitoring Policy
151 Multi-Country and South-South Projects
152 National Human Development Report
153 National Implementation
154 Night Differential
155 No Refunds
156 Non-Core Contributions
157 Non-Reimbursable Loan Agreements
158 Opening and Closing of Bank Accounts
159 Other Travel Allowances and Expenses
160 Parallel Fund Management
161 Participation and Role of UNDP Delegates at Major International Conferences and Events
162 Pass-through Management: UNDP as Administrative Agent (AA)
163 Paternity Leave
164 Payment and Taxes
165 Pension Fund
166 Pensionable Remuneration
167 Performance Based Payments
168 Performance Management and Development
169 Petty Cash Fund for Management Project (PCF)
170 Pipeline Management
171 Pooled Fund Management
172 Post Adjustment
173 Prepayments
174 Principles of Remuneration
175 Procurement Authority and Increased Delegated Procurement Authority
176 Procurement Forecasting and Delivery
177 Procurement Methods
178 Procurement of Banking Services
179 Procurement Oversight and Procurement Review Committees
180 Procurement Overview and Principles
181 Programme and Project Management Arrangements
182 Programme and Project Management Provisions
183 Project Petty Cash Fund (PPCF)
184 Project Cash Advance (PCA)
185 Project Cash on Hand for DIM Projects (PCH)
186 Property, Plant and Equipment
187 Protection against Retaliation
188 Provide Oversight
189 Purchase Orders (Commitments, Maintenance and Closure)
190 Quality Standards and Assurance
191 Quality Standards and Assurance
192 Raising e-requisitions
193 Rank-in-post
194 Receipt of goods and application of incoterms
195 Receipt of goods DAP and application of incoterms
196 Receipt of goods FOB and application of incoterms
197 Receipt of services
198 Receipt of works
199 Recognition and Awards
200 Recovery of Overpayments
201 Refunds to Donors
202 Regional Human Development Report
203 Regular maintenance Accounts Payable
204 Relocation Shipment
205 Rental Subsidy
206 Repatriation Grant
207 Report
208 Requisition and Procurement of Goods, Civil Works and Services
209 Rest and Recuperation
210 Results-Oriented Annual Reporting (ROAR)
211 Retroactivity of Payments
212 Revenue Management for Joint Programming
213 Risk Management
214 Roadmap and Analysis
215 Route, Mode of Transportation, and Standard of Accommodation
216 Rules and Procedures for the UNDP Compliance Review Panel (CRP)
217 Safe Driving Bonus (SDB)
218 Safe Management
219 Salary Advance
220 Salary Increments
221 Salary Surveys
222 Security Clearance
223 Security Policy
224 Select Implementing Partners
225 Selection and Reassignment Policy International Rotational Posts
226 Service Clearance Account (SCA), Charging, Billing and Fee Collection
227 Service Contracts
228 Setting up a Local Presence
229 Settling-In Grant
230 Sick Leave
231 Social and Environmental Standards
232 Social and Environmental Standards
233 Solicitation
234 Special Leave
235 Staff Assessment
236 Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for Immediate Crisis Response
237 Strategic Planning
238 Submission and Receipt of Offers
239 Sustainable Procurement
240 System Acquisition, Development and Maintenance Standards
241 System Logon Banner Standards
242 Taxation
243 Temporary Appointment
244 Termination of Appointment
245 Termination of Appointment for Reasons of Health
246 Time off for Breastfeeding
247 Transactional Procurement Strategies and Procurement Planning
248 Transition Pool
249 Trust Fund Management
250 Type of Leases and Treatment in UNDP Books
251 UN Agency Services
252 UN Clinics
253 UN Travel Documents and National Passport
254 UNDP Legal Framework for Addressing Non-compliance with UN Standards of Conduct
255 UNFCU Share Account Management
256 Uniforms
257 Universal Price List (UPL) and Local Price List (LPL)
258 US Agreements
259 Vehicle Management
260 Vendor Sanctions
261 Visas at Headquarters (New York)
262 Working with External Auditors