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Programme and Operations Policies and Procedures

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Pipeline and Revenue Management
Regular Resources
Other Resources

UNDP resources and funding mechanisms fall into two main categories:

  • Regular Resources: UNDP resources that are co-mingled and untied. These will include voluntary contributions, contributions from other governmental, intergovernmental or non-governmental sources and related interest revenue and miscellaneous revenue. 
  • Other Resources: resources received for specific programme purposes, consistent with the policies, aims and activities of UNDP and for the provision of management and other support services to third parties. When a programme country government or another partner (also called third-party), such as a donor government, contributes resources to specific UNDP programmes or projects, the arrangement is known as cost-sharing. The revenue generated through cost-sharing forms part of the other resources of UNDP.

    Cost-sharing resources are fully integrated into UNDP's budget and are used in accordance with UNDP's mandates, regulations and rules. Cost-sharing co-mingles the funds used to cover the costs of a given set of project outputs, whether they come from UNDP's regular budget or are contributed by various donors. It does not result in the creation of a separate accounting entity.

    There are two types of cost-sharing agreements:
    ·        Programme Country Government cost-sharing, and
    ·        Third party cost-sharing


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