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Programme and Operations Policies and Procedures

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POPP>Travel Management>Travel Planning
Travel Planning
1. Travel need arises (part of Annual Work Plan, Monitoring & Evaluation Plan for field trips) and initial authorization.
3. Obtain travel cost quotation (ticket cost, DSA, terminal expenses and miscellaneous travel expenses).
4. Update travel information in Atlas eServices/ My Leave.
5. Valid travel documents (UNLP, National Passport) and check visa requirements.
6. Complete required Security training and request security clearance at a minimum of seven days before the start of travel.

Entitlement Travel

(Family Visit, Home Leave, Medical Evacuation Travel, Chartered Medical Evacuation Travel, Rest & Recuperation)

​Duty Travel

​Non Staff Travel

a. Items 1, 3, 6 and 7 above are not applicable/required.
b. Supervisor check request against office leave plan.
c. GSSU verifies leave request against eligibility and policy.
a. Create duty travel request in Atlas eServices / My Leave. To know more about how to use My Leave for Duty Travel, see Content - Official Business (OB).
b. Checklists for reference
a. Individual Contractor’s travel arrangements depends on what is stipulated in their TOR and Individual Contract agreement.
b. UNDP’s Duty Travel policy and procedures apply when travel is organized and paid by the organization.




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