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Programme and Operations Policies and Procedures

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POPP>Travel Management>Travel Preparation
Travel Preparation
1. Encourage the early purchase of tickets, at least 21 days in advance of travel to have the best opportunity to confirm the lowest fare.
2. Ticket issuance (most direct & economical route, in the approved standard of accommodation) upon receiving authorization.
3. Traveler receive travel advance payment.
4. Obtain security clearance using UNDSS Security Clearance with Travel Advisory TRIP.
5. Obtain Medical Clearance, make accommodation and ground transfer arrangements observing security requirements.

Entitlement Travel

(Family Visit, Home Leave, Medical Evacuation Travel, Chartered Medical Evacuation Travel, Rest & Recuperation)

Duty Travel

​Non Staff Travel

a. All items above are not applicable/required.
b. OHR process travel entitlements as per the applicable policies and procedures.
c. Special attention to MET preparation.  
a. Atlas Travel and Expense (T&E) module (On Demand) is available globally.
b. To purchase ticket, Travel Portal  - HQ is applicable to HQ as well as all offices electing to process TRs through the HQ Long Term Agreement (LTA).
c. Alternatively, contact local Travel Management Company.
d. Checklists for reference
a. Individual Contractor’s travel arrangements depends on what is stipulated in their TOR and Individual Contract agreement.
b. UNDP’s Duty Travel policy and procedures apply when travel is organized and paid by the organization.


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