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Programme and Operations Policies and Procedures

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1. Update Atlas eServices/ My Leave if any changes. To know more about how to use My Leave for Duty Travel, see Content - Official Business (OB).
2. Method of submitting travel claim depends on the preferred modality of the CO/unit organizing (under no circumstances shall a staff member authorize or certify his/her own travel!).
3. Within 2 weeks upon return from travel; staff members and non-staff members whose travel was organized and paid for by UNDP, must submit a travel claim, irrespective whether claiming additional expenses or not. If on review of the travel claim it is determined that the traveler has been advanced an amount greater than the amount of reimbursable expenses, the difference will be recovered by UNDP.
4. Attach proof of travel, including boarding passes, the official itinerary and receipts for miscellaneous expenses, if applicable.

Entitlement Travel

(Family Visit, Home Leave, Medical Evacuation Travel, Chartered Medical Evacuation Travel, Rest & Recuperation)

Duty Travel

​Non Staff Travel

a. Items 2, 3 and 4 above are not applicable/required.

b. Obtain Medical Report and inform insurance company for Medical Evacuation Travel (MET).
c. Staff/ Leave Monitor manage absence records in Atlas.
a. Atlas Travel and Expense (T&E) module (On Demand) is available globally. Method of submitting Travel Claim depends on the preferred modality of the Country Office/unit organizing.
b. If using the Atlas T&E module, refer to Online Travel Claim Guidelines.
c. Alternatively, Travel Claim can be processed in Atlas finance for units outside of HQ.  For example, if payment is due to the traveler, an A/P Voucher is issued. Alternatively, if reimbursement is due to UNDP, an accounts receivable direct journal is issued.  
d. Checklists for reference
a. Individual Contractor’s travel arrangements depends on what is stipulated in their TOR and Individual Contract agreement.
b. UNDP’s Duty Travel policy and procedures apply when travel is organized and paid by the organization.


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