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Visual Guide Enterprise Risk Management Processes (ERM) 

The visual guide provides an overview of the business process flow steps of all procedures, as well as the tools and guidance on risk management starting from establishing the context, risk assessment, risk treatment, monitoring and review and finally communication and consultation. Links to the relevant resources in the POPP for each process flow step are also included.

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Integrated Risk Module for Results Management

The Integrated Risk Module for Results Management strengthens how UNDP identifies, evaluates, and manages risks at the corporate, regional and country levels in order to make more informed and timely decisions. The risk module helps integrate and connect risks identified through various UNDP risk assessment tools directly with the risk registers, providing senior management with a comprehensive overview of risks that require attention and timely action to achieve results.


Application of ERM Processes according to organizational levels 

ERM Processes are divided in five stages with tasks that need to be carried out by each organizational level in UNDP.

Mapping of Tools and Mechanisms on Risk Management

The Mapping of Tools and Mechanism on Risk Management provides links to the relevant ERM resources in the POPP for each process flow step. 

Risk Management Escalation Process

The Risk Management Escalation Process specifies that a  risk  is escalated when  circumstances  pertaining  to  the  treatment  itself  may  exceed  the authority/mandate  or  expertise of  the  risk  ownerEscalation  follows  the  applicable  line  management,  i.e.  from  project  to  programme  to relevant bureau (central/regional) and ultimately to the corporate level.


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