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Furniture and Equipment: Acquisition and Maintenance Policy

February 22nd, 2017

As per audit recommendations, responsibilities of regional bureaus/regional hubs and BMS have been clarified.

Property, Plant and Equipment (PP&E) policy

February 22nd, 2017

To adjust the changes on Furniture and Equipment: Acquisition and Maintenance policy which were made in Feb 2017 based on the audit recommendation, the following descriptions on Assets and closure of projects were added for clarification purpose.

Assets and closure of projects

  • No asset should be left in the closed project. Project cannot be closed if it has not completed disposal or transfer of its assets.
  • Well in advance of the project closure, project management should identify assets disposal methods taking into consideration respective provisions of the project document, UNDP Policy as well as local circumstances.
  • Assets disposal methods, requirements and procedures are described in details in the Disposal policy.
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