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Programme and Operations Policies and Procedures

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Managing Prescriptive Content Policy

August 2nd, 2017

 The new policy on the management of prescriptive content (Programme and Operations Policies and Procedures -- POPP) provides a full-cycle approach to maintaining the POPP. The cycle starts with conceptualization and preparation of prescriptive content, country office inputs and feedback, inter-Bureau consultations, approval and publication. The Policy sets out key principles on what constitutes prescriptive content, and formalizes new standards for writing polices to ensure that they are short, easy to understand and apply. The Policy requires that policy contain procedures in simple form, preferably in tabular form, to facilitate quick reference. Coherence and timely publication and communication of updates and new content is also required.

Delegation of Authority Policy  

April 7th, 2017

This is an update from 2012 and describes how authority is delegated in UNDP from the Administrator to Heads of UNDP offices. It also provides guidance on how and when such delegated authorities could be further delegated.  These accountabilities are in line with the Corporate Accountability Framework (see link) approved by the Executive Group in 2016. This policy also serves as a single point of reference of the authorities of the Administrator, Associate Administrator and heads of UNDP offices in headquarters and in country offices including those funds and programmes administered by UNDP. A Summary Table of Delegated Authority of UNDP Administrator is available at Annex A.


New Enterprise Risk Management Policy

January 26th, 2016

This new Policy enhances the way we identify opportunities and threats at an early stage and manage those proactively. It guides users to assess risks, approach to risk treatment, monitor and review risks, while clarifying risk management roles and responsibilities. An updated risk log that is integrated into the Integrated Work Plan has already been set up in the Corporate Planning System. The Policy is based on ISO's Internal Risk Management Industry Standard (ISO 31000).

Revised Making Information Available to the Public Policy

April 12nd, 2016

Independent nature of Information Disclosure Panel is more emphasized.  The independent Panel now consists of four members, including one from a United Nations agency other than UNDP; and one from a non-governmental organization.

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